See how this video captivates your attention in the first 15 seconds? If it fails to do that, you’ve lost your audience.

You want to make sure your product or service catches the attention of the viewer in the first 15 seconds so he/she gets immersed in what you’re saying and showing. That’s effective marketing. Use humour; pack it with enough punch and give them a cliff-hanger so they hold on.

Neither shower it with too many statistics or over-text the graphics.

The music has to be just right to keep the excitement level and to follow the narrative thread.

Ending it with an unexpected twist may even make them go back and watch it again. You know you’ve nailed it when that happens.

And if there is a Voice Over, well then it has to sit just right under the images; not too bold, not too brash, delivering the sub-text that drives the message in.

Let’s talk. And make your your video work for you.

Make it work

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